About air ace e

Air Race E is an international Air Race series adapted from the highly successful Air Race 1 competitions. Pilots will fly all-electric single-seater aircrafts, built specifically for racing, and compete to be the first to cross the finish line, racing directly against each other at speeds of over 400kph around a tight 5km circuit, just 15m above the ground. Air Race 1, the thermal engine version of it, led by renowned air racing promoter Jeff Zaltman, has a proven history of international races dating back to 2014, in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. While Zaltman announced the creation of the Air Race E competitions back in 2018, the first races are planned for 2022. The event locations are not yet set.

Why Air Racing

A clear goal for Air Race E is to promote the development of electric airplanes, at times where aviation must, like all the other industries, accelerate the shift towards low carbon operations. Just like Formula E are pushing the boundaries of technology for electric cars, Air Race E will contribute to making the green transition happen faster in aviation, by supporting the fast development of new powertrains by the different international teams. The design of crucial components such as electric motors or batteries is almost completely free, allowing new ideas and potentially new technological breakthroughs to be showcased at each new racing season.


The AirRaceE management team is working tirelessly to acquire the first race venue late 2021, whilst the teams spread around the world are tinkering with their racing machines to finish them in time to race. Read more about the central AirRaceE initiative here: